Restaurant & Bar

in Verde Paris

It all starts with The Ambiance

When it comes to food everybody has an opinion. You eat hence you know.

Having leveled the playing field, we think that it’s not all said and done when we are talking about enjoying a nice dinner.

So at Verde, we’ve set ourselves the task of improving and perfecting the act of eating in every way, down to the finest details.


The festive restaurant of Paris

Great Things

Come in small quantities

Great Things



Your Eyes

The Best Cocktails


A weekend in Paris? You must live this wonderful culinary experience, one of the most magical places in Paris, famous it's festive atmosphere




The best chef is


We just need to listen, says Thibault Sombardier our french Michelin starred chef. We are so lucky to live in France, the land of the best food products in the world. French Gastronomy deserves all our involvement.